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Butik Paletti
Fredsgatan 8
30246 Halmstad
t: 031 4670 3349666

Ester  Harry
Hjalmar Brantingsgatan 4A
753 27 Uppsala
t: 031 0737 604949
w: esterochharry.se

Häxan Hulda
Kung Magnusväg 3
62145 Visby
t: 031 4670 7350678

w: lillalisen

Lillaliv AB
Storgatan 35
26232 Ängelholm
t: 031 0431-367717
w: Lillaliv

Little Bloom
328135 Hässleholm

AW18 soon in the shops

We will start the delivery of the "Power of Play" collection by August 1th to shops world wide. Do contact us if you need to find your local UBANG retailer...

SS17 catalogue

Want to see the full catalogue? Feel free to down load the SS17 catalogue

AW17 fair dates