RE-ZIP -  Reusable packaging

RE-ZIP - Reusable packaging

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Buy sustainable wrapping and get a discount on your next order.

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A RE-ZIP circular packaging that can be recycled again and again.
RE-zip contributes to 84% CO2 reduction versus recycled cardboard boxes.

This is what happens when you make this sustainable choice:

  1. You add RE_ZIP to your order, and pay DKK35/EUR 4,7/ USD 5,54
  2. The order will then be packed in a RE-ZIP reusable packaging and sent to you as usual.
  3. When you receive the package all you have to do is to fold and close the recycled packaging. Makesure to unfold the flip with the RE-ZIP return address.
  4. Drop it in your nearest mail-box where ever you are - yes it works in 130 countries! - No code, no label needed.
  5. The returnable packaging will then be shipped to RE-ZIP in Denmark.
  6. Once it has been received at RE-ZIP a discount code of DKK 50/ EUR 6,72 /UDS 7,92 for will be send to you.
  7. Use your discount  next time you need something from UBANG!
    (Minimum purchases of DKK 250/€33.60/$39.44 )

Simple as that!

* RE_ZIP cannot be used for returning your UBANG order.
* UBANG is not responsible for any trouble regarding returning the package to RE-ZIP