• Süss-Stoff

    What a lovely way Süss-Stoff, Hamburger Str. 35/37, 28205 Bremen, Germany has choosen to present the UBANG socks!  
  • The colors of India

    The indian way of using colors is just amazing.. this is from the opening of a temple and made my heart beat!A simple ride through town shows the m...
  • India Marts 2014

    UBANG is in India to visit the producers and facilities where UBANG is being made. We are being talking around through the mad traffic og scooters,...
  • Colors SS14

    A great work is always put into choosing a collections colors. Above are considerations about colors for SS14
  • AW14 photo session

    The stylist Marie Graunbøl, photographer Simon Wilmont and lovely Mira busy creating an amazing new campaign for UBANG Simon Wilmont and Fabian h...
  • Hamburg Februar 2014

    A lovely wall painting in Hamburg - love bright colors and the hidden motives.
  • Playtime summer 2013

    In July 2013 the Spring-Summer 2014 collection was launched at Playtime in Paris.
  • Paris 2014

    Amazing stripes seen in La Fayette, Paris 2014
  • Playtime Januar 2014

    In January 2014 UBANG showed the AW14 collection at the lovely fair Playtime in Paris. Ulla and Merete (the DK and international sales representat...
  • UBANG agent in Germany

    Please wellcome our new agent Jasmin and her husband Marko from the agency "Små Søstre" Jasmin has from this season taken on the job as UBANGs new...