"I have no intention of my ceramic to look like something - but I like if it reminds you of something" Ulla Bang Ceramics

                        Ulla Bang Ceramics_Dux_Pernille Vest   
Styling colab with Stylist Pernille Vest, Photo by Jonas Bjerre Poulsen. Made for the client Dux 

"In all ceramics I use the handbuilt technique. It allows me to shape the vessels exactly how I like and all pieces end up being one-of-a-kind. I work in different colored stoneware clay and I prefer just to use a transparent glaze or leave the clay unglazed on the outside." Ulla Bang Ceramics

                        ulla bang ceramics           Ulla Bang Ceramics


"My work can be bought by sending an email to ulla@ubj.nu and I can send pictures. I am happy to ship worldwide. Do check out my newest work at Instagram: @ullabang_ceramics or visit my shop in Copenhagen, Vendersgade 17, Cph K" Ulla Bang Ceramics

                             Ulla Bang Ceramics Gubi Tine Daring
Styling colab with Stylist Tine Daring, Photo by Irina Boersma for the client Gubi.
On the first picture the big light vase at the back is made by me. On the second picture both vases are made by me.  

"This page only show a small selection of works. Do feel free to send me a message and ask for pictures of current works, prices and sixes. I am happy to send all kind of information and reply to your questions. " Ulla Bang Ceramics

  Ulla Bang Ceramics          Ulla Bang Ceramics         Ulla Bang Ceramics

"All my work is made by hand at my small work tabel at home. I like the simple process and I perfer to work in the late evenings when the house becomes quiet and it is just me and the clay" Ulla Bang Ceramics

       Ulla Ceramic       Ulla Ceramic


Doddle in clay_Ulla ceramic      Dish_Ulla ceramics      Ulla Ceramics