Care and Repair 

At UBANG we care about your clothes, and we thought we could share some advice on how to take care of your newly purchased UBANG items. This guide will extend the life of the clothes and make it last a long time. The washing instructions on the care label are a good starting point for how to care for your clothing, but we wanted to share some additional advice. This will not only prolong the life of your clothing but also reduce your impact on the environment so we can take extra care of our planet. 

Air out your clothes and reduce the amounts of washes. 
We know that kids can be messy, and we do encourage all kinds of playful activities. But if the clothes doesn’t seem visibly dirty with stains try hanging your clothes outside to air them out. This reduces the wear and tear of washing clothes and as an extra bonus it saves water for a more environmentally way of living. 

Lower the temperature 
Most UBANG washing tags recommends washing at a maximum of 40 degrees, but you can save energy by choosing lower degrees and shorter cycles. It is often enough to wash clothes at 30 degrees, and when washing at cooler temperatures it is recommended to you liquid detergent. We also recommend washing the clothes inside out as this makes the appliqués and embroidery last longer. 

Eco-friendly detergent without perfume 
Use the recommended dose of detergent stated on the bottle, as more detergent will not make it cleaner. We recommend choosing an eco-friendly brand without perfume. This is good for the environment as well as your kids.

Skip the tumble dryer 
Tumble dryers use a lot of energy and we also recommend hanging our clothes to dry. This is great for the environment, but your clothes will also benefit from air-drying as it is less damaging to the fabric. 

Recycle, donate or sell 
Kids grow faster than weeds and will outgrow their clothes. In order to benefit everybody the planet we recommend that you recycle, donate og sell your used UBANG clothes. You might know a friend of a family member who has children, so we encourage you to hand down your UBANG clothes to them, and a new child can benefit from the colourful UBANG universe. 

Repair or redesign 
Have a tumble caused a hole in the pants or did the shirt get ripped when climbing a tree? This is something that happens on a regular basis when you have kids running around at home. Instead of getting rid of the garments, we recommend repairing it or redesigning it. A pair of pants can be turned into a pair of shorts with just a few stitches and the hole on the knee will have instantly disappeared. 

UBANG clothing 
Our clothes are made with embroidery and appliqués, and in order to hold down the appliqués when stitching a small amount of water based glue is applied. There might be a bit of residue from the glue, but this will disappear with the first wash. It can also be removed with a damp cloth. If your garment has a few loose threads, we recommend cutting this of carefully.