UBANG elephant

Photo by: Mikkel Tjellesen   Styling: Marie Graunbøl

The UBANG universe incorporate play and laughter into organic kids wear.

UBANG was established in 2006. From conception, UBANG has con­sistently demanded to produce high quality garments, using organically certified materials, attention to details and well sewn applications. Always standing by the belief to create designs that promote the imaginations of children and allowing them the possibilities for further play.

 “The playful concept has proven to be exceedingly sustainable. When I founded UBANG, children’s wear with built in sensory play details was very unusual, but thankfully it is much more accepted and an attractive part of kids fashion today,” says Ulla Bang Jørgensen, designer and owner of UBANG.                                                       

Who is behind UBANG?

UBANG was founded in 2006 and is owned and designed by me Ulla Bang Jørgensen. I live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I was born in Copenhagen (born 1969) come from an artistic family, my father being a sculptor and my mother a teacher and jewellery designer. i trained as set designer and graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in London in 1996. With a background in theatre design and a lot of experience from puppet theatre, I find it natural to design products that tell a story and stimulate the imagintion.