Playfulness, hidden surprises, and fun is incorporated in all aspects of UBANG

Children playing is the inspiration behind every UBANG design.

The designer and founder of the brand, Ulla Bang Jørgensen, belives: “Young children, can have lots of fun playing peek-a-boo, while older children are typically fascinated by things around them – animals, cars, or toys. In my designs the story is never finished – because that is what makes it fun: to create your own story.”
“I look at the design as a whole and not as a garment with something put on. I avoid letting myself become restricted by expectations for subject matter or how a sleeve is supposed to be. If I can tell the story by doing something  unexpected, I will.”
“In the design process I challenge the notion of  ‘this is a t-shirt’ or ‘this is how a zipper should be used’. I always play with the fabrics, my scissors, and my sewing machine at the beginning of a design process. It is a process in three dimensions; I cut and I mix materials, and out of that evolve the first ideas.”

 For a decade UBANG has been an international brand. The concept is understood worldwide - as all children like to play.

Responsible production is the way forward

At UBANG we value the principle that reducing pollution is the best solution.

On a practical level this means that children’s wear is not only play and laughter. The impact from production techniques must be reduced and the clothes must be free of any harmful residue. With UBANG we maintain that playful clothes also need to be a good and tangible experience for children. So no plastic prints, but appliqués and three dimensional details!

The clothes:
100% organic cotton.
100% certified organic producers
90% SA8000 certified producers
10%  BSCI certified
100% Oeko-Tex 100® certified.

  The clothes are made in India and we love to have a near and dear connection with our producers. The factories are modern with very skilled and dedicated workers.

UBANG socks are:
Oeko-Tex 100® certified.The producer is regulary inspected by the BSCI athorities. 

Comfort is everything when it comes to children’s feet! Therefore we have chosen the best quality on the market. Our socks are pre-washed and do not shrink. The socks have  hand-linked toes for maximum comfort.

 The new AW18 sock collection is made in organic cotton and carries the Oeko-Tex 100® certificate