- a winter garden of imagination

Seek and find all sorts of hidden treasures and make new friends along the way. Maybe behind a funny face? What secrets do they keep? Jump into the UBANG universe and enjoy a game of peek a boo with a shy penguin or greet a curious polar bear. Perhaps even chat with a wisely disguised puppet while picking flowers in the distance. Let feelings of wanderlust run wild while escaping into a winter garden of imagination.

Autumn/Winter 2018: A collection full of wonder and exploration emphasizing that kids should always be playing. The UBANG designs allow children to explore the endless possibilities their imagination has to offer. The 3D motifs and sensory elements have always been an essential part of the UBANG concept and vision. This season UBANG has designed a rainbow tee with braids on each color end and included fringes of harvest gold and red on the rocket tee allowing for constant play and movement. 

With AW18 UBANG has also launched a couple of new essential styles with the casual pants, baggy pants and the A-line skirt. The casual pants are made in a soft brushed organic sweat fleece, come in 3 colors and have a baggy fit at the waist with slimmed down legs. The baggy corduroy pants have an overall loose fit with two side pockets, come in 2 colors and feature elastic at the ankles. For the girls, the A-line skirt, with horizontally placed cotton fringes, comes in 3 colors and matches all of the girl’s tops.

Autumn tones inspired by nature all have their own story to tell. From a faded rose to the deepest shade of denim blue. Rustic brown as rich as the bark of a tree and hues of dusty wine and wood rose compliment together perfectly with slate grey and hedge green. 



Best friend 

A staple in every UBANG collection is the beloved elephant. This season he is stitched on the classic styles and happily introducing a new tribe of animals to the family - a penguin, a polar bear, a lovely flamingo and a soaring eagle, just to name a few.

Little Big Feet - from Tigers to Hopscotch 

Let your feet do all the talking! Proclaim your stance to save the bees or take a ride on a blue whale. The popularity of the UBANG kid socks has generated a demand for an adult line. For AW18 UBANG has designed 9 sock styles, 5 of which will be available for adults. The sock range is made from 100% organic cotton with the OEKO-TEX certificate. All of the UBANG socks have hand-linked toes, offering a much more comfortable wear experience - a feature supported proudly by the brand. 

Responsible production is the way forward

UBANG values the principle that reducing pollution is the best solution. On a practical level this means that children’s wear is not only about play and imagination. The impact from production techniques must be reduced and the clothes must be free of any harmful residue.

Responsible production is the way forward. UBANG fashion is therefore produced in 100% organic cotton with 100% certified organic producers and 90% SA8000 certified producers. 95% are Oeko-Tex 100® certified.